The Team

Amanda Olivia Harper: 



Amateur writer and journalist, Amanda moved from Darwin, NT to Brisbane in Feburary 2014. Making the move to commence her studies (a Bachelor of Journalism) at Queensland University of Technology, Amanda hopes to enter a the media world as an online feature writer or editor.  The rapidly changing industry excites her – especially the integration of social media usage and multi-media platformed stories.  Amanda has wanted a career in Journalism since the young age of 13 – completing work experience at her local newspaper (where she was published twice) and practicing her short story writing skills (receiving runner up at the NT Young Authors awards in the Under 18 category). A major factor in Amanda’s decsion to be a Journalist in not only her love for writing, but he idea of travelling. Amanda is also enthralled at the thought of  ‘waking  up each morning, and having no idea where you will go, who you will speak to and what you will see.”


Amadee Stenzel:





Adriana Mageros:


Ellie Campbell:


Harriet Allan:


Rhiannon Kallio:




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